Pattern language of activist practice

A rigorous, evolving pattern language is at the centre of the proposal. The patterns describe 'chunks' of activist practice that enact and cultivate and mobilise altered relations of production.

Or perhaps 'threads', to be woven into a fabric of prefigurative everyday life and work. Or chords to be sung into a composition. Here we plant some acorns for the pattern language to grow from.

You will see, that as well as being rigorous, there is a degree of poeisis involved. Which of course also is rigourous, in its own distinctive way. A deepened literacy in plural modes of rigour is part of what the college is about. This may sound as if it's aboout language, but it's primarily about organising of practice. A pattern language is a 'language' of performances, which just happens to be described and invoked in written (and graphic, and syntactic) language.

> Beware, builders at work. More to be added xxx