Three initial actions

In parallel . . # 1 Pattern language Initiate a group to hack, within 1 year . .

- an initial **pattern frame** derived from formations of experienced activists. An improved take on the school map here A college; and . .

- develop a network of **new economy stories** across the coop movement, solidarity economy activism, P2P production, digital platform-infrastructure initiatives, commons transition, new municipalism, indigenous commons-resistance movements (water, forest, fisheries), reclaim the cities, etc.

Many such stories are known, and collating them might be the nature of the work, as much as finding them. However, live storytelling is a central track of work, and **listening and reflecting back the insights** that seem to have most resonance.

>**Contributors** could include Social Innovation Exchange, Coops UK, the [Groupworks collective](, veterans of the pattern/wiki community, P2P Foundation/[Commons Transition](, Robin Murray network. German networks of wiki/pattern/commons development, [Reflow projects]( And so on. Rolling up this network starts here.

# 2 Schools/DisCos Nucleate half a dozen school-DisCOs within the above pattern frame, within 1 year, which have social-venture partners in sectors of the new economy.

>Likely **sector-starters** include housing, food, care-work, digital means, energy, post-money, protocol commons; and the college project-commons itself.

These ventures will participate in the DisCO development project, weaving the closely aligned projects of college development and DisCO development.

# 3 Collaboration with college projects Explore the college operating model (and principle) with existing ventures in formacion, seeking agreements for collaborating and partnering, in contributing to and stewarding a college-commons.

>**Possible partners** include Synergia, the Coop University, DisCO, Stir to Action, Free Knowledge Institute. Non-European projects to be identified . . South America, Asia/Africa, North America. > For notes on **formacion**, see formacion


These three initial development strands overlap. At least some individuals and organisations will make dual contributions within the structure.

This initial, three-part project organisation should be organised as **a DisCO** which develops an **open protocol** for the college as a federation.

Evolving beyond the startup phase, the project organisation will become . . - **<conviv.pattern** - the patterning school of the college - on one hand, and - **<** - the college stewardship commons - on the other.

--- We’re a long way here from glossaries, ontologies and semantic wikis. These are tools. But they occupy walk-on parts in the drama of conjuring life, in . . - *a college of making the living economy* . . Following Ivan Illich, we can call it - a *college of conviviality*, for short . . and . . - *<conviv* to its friends.