A college - A webinar proposal for Open2020

This is a proposal for a webinar and a project, at Open2020. The proposal in Loomio is here Loomio

The thread of discussion in Loomio I’m most interested in is the [‘new economy ontology working group’](https://www.loomio.org/d/roaZbk5B/-new-economy-ontology-working-group). This has largely been around - **terms**, and - ways of developing consensus on terms, and - the avoidance of specialised terminology, and - the dissemination of simpler or ‘cleaner’ or leaner language; and - the kinds of digital-documentary apparatus that can facilitate work with terms (glossary? semantic wiki? etc).

I feel these emphases are misplaced - shooting the messenger, sort-of. I think the main action is at another level.

Here I outline two approaches, then go on to propose an approach in terms of . . - Pattern language(ing) - Commoning and - A college Ending with . . - Three initial actions First - Two approaches . . . . and Imagine

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