College of cooperative capability

These are remnants of a first approach to a webinar for Open2020: Making the living economy, making a college of cooperative capability. That draft has been replaced by this A college - A webinar proposal for Open2020 These remnants will eventually be incorporated into the body of the revised presentation


Pattern language of activist practice A rigorous, evolving pattern language is at the centre of the proposal. The patterns describe 'chunks' of activist practice that enact and cultivate and mobilise altered relations of production.

Economics in a landscape of activist life Orientated not to 'economics' but to everyday life. Practice in society is seen here as conducted in three 'landscapes'

Dual power instantiated in the college - The practice of the college is intrinsically part of the production of dual power. Here we consider how the college federation articulates with practices of the mutual sector/civil society.

Tools for conviviality - Pods and digital infrastructure Here we consider the schools' core work of podding. Also wiki, chat, mutual awareness and coordination within the collective of partner-activists, and conferencing, as elements in tech infrastructure.